• Ozone Sauna - O3 Ozone Salon - Richmond Hill


Three or four sessions in the Ozone Sauna per month helps you relax and get rid of your stress. It is not a luxury, but a good way to return to healthy and natural methods of living, similar to the tradition of steam, bath and thermal springs that has been around in some cultures for thousands of years. Introducing ozone through the skin floods the body with oxygen, which boosts energy and detoxifies the body down to cellular level. Benefits of Transdermal Ozone range from immune system optimization to preventing and fighting Cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, obesity and more.

Essential Oils infusion is used in all our therapies. It has been proven to help eliminate toxins, reduce stress and anxiety levels, increase quality of sleep, improve blood pressure, reduce pain, improve short-term memory, and reduce eczema-induced itching. The overall effect is an increased quality of life.

Sauna session $85
3 sessions $125
5 sessions $220
Sauna session followed by PEMF mat $100
3 sessions $150
5 sessions $250


Ozone therapy belongs to bio-oxidative therapies. It involves administering small amounts of diluted ozone into/onto the body for prevention of a disease.

Ozonated water $5
Ozonated oil $25 for 60ml


Ear (auricular) $25 or package of 10 $170
Vaginal $25 or package of 10 $170
Rectal $25 or package of 10 $170
Insufflation is one of the most powerful ozone treatments used in ozone therapy to restore and modulate the immunity. Rectal Insufflation has a systemic effect between 95% to 98% which produces a faster and immediate effect on the whole body.